The specification object


  • idID!
    Unique specification identifier.
  • nameString
    The given specification name.
  • iconString
    A URI for the specification icon.
  • pricePrice
    The price per image.
  • optionsSpecificationOptions!
    • fileFormats[String!]!
      A list of file formats. Can be any of:JPEG, TIFF, PNG or PSD. The amount of file formats chosen has an impact on the price.
    • backgroundString!
      The background, possible values:
      • original: the original background will be kept.
      • transparent: transparent background can not be used if JPEG is the only file format.
      • a hexadecimal color code (e.g., #FFFFFF).
    • maxDimensionsString
      The maximum width and height (e.g., 1000px × 1000px).
    • maxFileSizeString
      The maximum file size (e.g., 16 MB).
    • cropString
      The way the image will be cropped, possible values:
      • original: no additional cropping.
      • trim: cropped tightly.
      • An aspect ratio: 2 digits connected with a dash (e.g., 3-2).
      • An exact width and height (e.g., 1000px × 1000px).
    • rotateUprightBoolean!
      If true the images will be rotated upright when needed.
    • verticalAlignmentString
      The vertical alignment is eithertop, center or bottom. Should be present in case crop is trim or an aspect ratio.
    • marginMargin
      The margin, each margin field must end with either px or %(e.g., 5%).
      • topString!
      • rightString!
      • bottomString!
      • leftString!
    • dpiInt
      Dots per inch.
    • colorProfileString
      Either sRGB, Adobe RGB or CMYK.
    • extraSpecificationExtraOptions!
      Extra options: these have an impact on the price.
      • newShadowBoolean!
        A cast shadow is added: gives an artificial effect which creates the impression that your product is floating in front of a flat surface. Incompatible with originalShadow.
      • originalShadowBoolean!
        The original shadow is kept when removing the background. Incompatible with newShadow.
      • removeDustAndScratchesBoolean!
        Dust and scratches are removed, giving the product a nice, clean look.
      • reflectionBoolean!
        A reflection shadow creates the impression that your product is placed on a reflective surface like a mirror.
      • clippingPathBoolean!
        A precise hand drawn clipping path is created around the object, positioned 1px on top of the object to ensure complete background cut away.
      • maskBoolean!
        A mask is supplied for transparency.
type Specification {
    id: ID!
    name: String
    icon: String
    price: Price
    options: SpecificationOptions!
    isCustom: Boolean!

type SpecificationOptions {
    fileFormats: [String!]!
    background: String!
    maxDimensions: String
    crop: String!
    rotateUpright: Boolean!
    verticalAlignment: String
    margin: Margin
    dpi: Int
    colorProfile: String
    extra: SpecificationExtraOptions!

type Margin {
    top: String!
    right: String!
    bottom: String!
    left: String!

type SpecificationExtraOptions {
    newShadow: Boolean!
    originalShadow: Boolean!
    removeDustAndScratches: Boolean!
    reflection: Boolean!
    clippingPath: Boolean!
    mask: Boolean!