The order object

Order fields

  • idID!
    Unique order identifier.
  • nameString
    The given order name / reference.
  • uuidString!
    A universally unique identifier, this is used when uploading new images.
  • createdByID
    The id of the account that created this order.
  • createdAtString!
    The date/time this order was created.
  • statusString!
    The order goes trough the following states:
    • PENDING_UPLOAD: initial state, order is not placed yet and images can be uploaded.
    • PENDING_PAYMENT: order is awaiting payment.
    • IN_PROGRESS: order is being processed.
    • COMPLETED: order is complete.
  • events[OrderEvent!]!
    List of important order events.
  • input[Image!]!
    List of input images.
  • output[Image!]!
    List of output images.
  • specificationIdID!
    Specification ID.
  • customerIdID!
    Your customer ID.
  • pricePrice
    The total price excl. VAT, will be known once the order is placed.

Image fields

  • idID!
    Unique image identifier.
  • pathString!
    The full path excluding extension (e.g., shoes/oxfords/o786).
  • extensionString
    The image extension (e.g., png).
  • typeString!
type Order {
    id: ID!
    name: String
    uuid: String!
    createdBy: ID
    createdAt: String!
    status: String!
    events: [OrderEvent!]!
    input: [Image!]!
    output: [Image!]!
    specificationId: ID
    customerId: ID!
    price: Price

type Image {
    id: ID!
    path: String!
    extension: String
    type: String!