The customer object

A customer represents an organisation / business.


  • idID!
    Unique customer identifier.
  • nameString!
    Full name or business name.
  • trialImagesInt!
    Amount of free trial images left.
  • accounts[Account!]!
    List of accounts registered to this customer.
  • taxIdTypeString
    Type of the tax ID, one of au_abn, ca_bn, ca_qst, ch_vat, es_cif, eu_vat, hk_br, in_gst, jp_cn, kr_brn, li_uid, mx_rfc, my_itn, my_sst, no_vat, nz_gst, ru_inn, sg_uen, th_vat, tw_vat, us_ein, or za_vat.
  • taxIdValueString
    Value of the tax ID.
  • currencyString!
    Three-letter ISO currency code, in uppercase.
  • addressAddress!
    • countryString!
      Two-letter ISO code representing the country.
    • line1String
      Street address/PO Box.
    • line2String
    • postalCodeString
      ZIP or postal code.
    • cityString
type Customer {
    id: ID!
    name: String!
    trialImages: Int!
    accounts: [Account!]!
    address: Address!
    taxIdType: String
    taxIdValue: String
    currency: String!

type Address {
    country: String!
    line1: String
    line2: String
    postalCode: String
    city: String